Friday, October 26, 2012

Crocheting Cash ~ A Yarn About Money

One of the first places we ought to look for inspiration about how to make money online is our own set of likes, loves, and passions.  The trouble is, most of the "how to make money online" information tends to assume that you want to be an information entrepreneur, or that you love golf.  I don't know why golf shows up so often in the tutorials, but since I haven't putted (other than miniature golf) since high school, golf doesn't do a darn thing for me.

But crochet ... ah, now there's something that I can get excited about.  Crochet, you say?  Yes ... that age old hand craft where you use a hook and loops to make fabric shaped in the form of what ever thing you are making.

But crochet as a hobby is one thing, and crochet as a way to earn an income online is something else entirely.  At least that was my thinking prior to today.  Come with me on a journey of thought for a few moments and let's examine some of the ways crochet is earning money for some folks online.

Amazon results for crochet shows over 19K resultsOne way to determine if a niche is hot, I'm told, is to check out the number of magazines devoted to a subject.  So let's bop on over to and check out their list of magazines devoted to crochet: Books About Crochet on Amazon or Crochet Magazines on Amazon

Pretty amazing, yes?  So for there to be that many books on crochet, somebody "out there" is interested.  I would be one of those somebodies, by the way.

What brought this up for me today actually started with my sister and her sharing an image of a simple pair of crocheted slippers on Facebook this morning.

Clicked on the image and found it linked to this blog:

The Homestead Survival: How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers DIY Project

BUT ... it was a mention of the blog on which the original instructions reside in a blog post dated January of 2011: ZOOM YUMMY: How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers.

Once there, I discovered that this is a blog about yarn and other home making goodies like food.  AND, the author has an ETSY store that she opened about 6 months after that blog post which has already sold over 3 thousand items, some of which are patterns.  Check out her store here:
Zoom Yummy Crochet by ZoomYummy on Etsy

Now I happen to have a friend who crochets who has monetized this passion.  I know her from Twitter and Squidoo where she uses the name Mom With A Hook. She's got a great Twitter page now, too:

You can meet Sarah on her page here:  Sara Duggen on About.Me

Anyway, told you that to tell you this:  Sara has published a book about crochet:


It's available on Kindle for only 99 cents today.  If you love crochet and have a blog about it, her book is a good way to expand your horizons.  She knows whereof she speaks.

Squidoo is a terrific platform for sharing your passion for crochet, and I have other friends there who are doing just that.  For example, Lisa Auch on Squidoo has some wonderful lenses on the topic of free crochet patterns.  I am enjoying the one about learning to crochet flowers, but she has a lot of others.  Click on her name to see a list of her Squidoo pages, called lenses in Squid Speak.

Another one I've enjoyed recently is by Nancy Oram.  She has a page in the SoCrafty Magazine in Squidoo for Crochet Cowboy Booties that are just darling!

I don't know lensmaster CrafterBerly, but I am very interested in her instructions for making a crochet edged fleece blanket.  I'd thought about this idea, myself, but reading those instructions will save me a ton of experimentation, and the tools suggested will save me time and money, too.

Some folks who crochet do so in order to be part of a ministry.  Items are created with the express purpose of giving them away to help others.  One example of this is a Prayer Shawl

No list of anything related to crochet would be complete without a tutorial on Granny Squares.  These are the foundation of many an afghan and one of a kind garments.  You can learn about other crochet stitches on Crafty Creative Crochet, or if you already crochet and are looking for ideas for gift giving, here's a page with lots of tutorials and ideas called, appropriately enough, Quick and Easy Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas.

Now what do all of these links have in common?  They all represent ways in which real people just like you and I are using their passion for crochet to earn money online.  This is just a quick compilation - I didn't go any farther than Squidoo because that's a platform that I know a lot about, and which I use to earn money from ad shares and from affiliate marketing.  But I know I have just barely scratched the surface, and if you love crochet you've probably got something you can do that I haven't even touched on.

For example, if you raise angora rabbits, do you save the combings for making yarn?  Do you crochet with that yarn?  Do you sell that yarn or sell the things you make from the yarn, or breed the animals for others to grow their own yarn from?  See where I'm going with this?  There are many things you probably have a passion for that you can monetize online.  You don't have to be in the "how to make money online" niche in order to make money online.  Need some ideas?  Here are just a few of the many books on this topic available on

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  1. I must admit Saras "hookin for Cash" is a steal at the price!!! worth so much more, I got great ideas from her
    Glad I found ya! :)


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